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SMT-S2 - Marketing

Date:   Apr 23, 2018 - Apr 24, 2018
Time:   8:30 AM
Location:   Winnipeg Winter Club
200 River Avenue
Winnipeg, MB

SMT-2 - Marketing

Marketing is the business’s link to its actual and potential consumer and business-to-business customers. Its functions include an analysis of changes in the external environment to find opportunities and counter threats to meet its objective of satisfying market needs. It positions the company and uses the marketing mix to attract the segment(s) of the market whose needs it is best suited to meet and profit by.

The seminar begins by looking at the dynamic environment in which the business operates and the behaviour of consumers and businesses as they attempt to satisfy their needs.  It briefly looks at how marketing research helps the business identify the opportunities that exists for it and the groups to which it should target its efforts.  In addition, this seminar looks at how the marketing mix is used to attract the target segment and finishes by integrating the concepts in an exercise that applies discussions of the marketing plan.


Upon completion of this seminar participants should be able to: 

  • Understand the role and importance of marketing in a business organization. 
  • Identify opportunities and challenges for an organization in the business environment. 
  • Identify potential markets for a business’s offering. 
  • Understand how the marketing mix is applied to target market segments. 
  • Create and present an abbreviated marketing plan.   

When: April 23rd & April 24th (8:30am - 4:30pm)

Where: Winnipeg Winter Club

Cost (SCMA & APICS Members): $650.00 plus GST (till April 2nd)     $695.00 plus GST (after April 2nd

Cost (Non-Members): $750.00 plus GST (till April 2nd)     $795.00 plus GST (after April 2nd


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